Friday, December 30, 2011


From: Phil Jones <>
To: Michael Mann <>, Gavin Schmidt <>
Subject: Nature Aug 12
Date: Thu Aug 13 09:13:53 2009

Mike, Gavin,

See the attached - odd quote by McIntyre in the middle of this
.. he is not interested in challenging the science of climate change or in nit-picking,
but is simply asking that the data be made available. "The only policy I want people to
change is their data-access policy"
I must have been in a parallel universe for the past 7-8 years!
The CRU web page referred to in the article is this one.
I'm off at noon today - back in on Aug 20. I'll be checking email once a day,
but will not be looking at blog sites.
Olive Heffernan at Nature expects the Nature blog site to be hijacked by the deniers.
She also said she would put up an expanded article, but I can't see this.

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