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From: Grant Foster <>
To: <>, "J. Salinger" <>
Subject: RE: ENSO blamed over warming - paper in JGR
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 10:54:57 +0000
Cc: <>, Mike Mann <>, <>, Gavin Schmidt <>, James Annan <>, <>

We're very close to being ready for submission; here's the latest version. I suggest a
close reading, and don't forget to point out all the typos you notice.
James, since you can cover the page charges I suggest you handle the actual submission
(when the time comes). Would you be willing to write the cover letter? Any other
So far I've produced versions in 2-column format with graphs inline (so we can all see what
it'll look like), but when we're ready I'll create a draft version with all the figures at
the end (or if you really want to James, you can do this as well). The 2-column version
takes jpg files as input, but I've already created eps files for all the figures.
I *think* I've got everybody's suggestions in here, but if I've missed anything or you have
further suggestions send 'em along. We're still waiting for explicit consent (and
afilliation info) from B. Mullan and G. Schmidt! If either of you fellas would rather opt
out that's OK -- as far as I'm concerned you're completely welcome to join or to decline.
If we're as close as I think, we may be ready by Monday.
Thanks, Phil, for the link to the video; a good laugh! Maybe the most amusing blog post
I've seen about MFC09 is this one:
What amuses me most is that "in its original news item on the paper, the International
Climate Science Coalition had actually substituted the title of the first press release for
for the actual title in its link to the paper ... Thats right according to the ICSC, the
papers title was Nature, not Man, is responsible for global warming. Stop the presses!

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