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From: David Rind <>
To: Eystein Jansen <>
Subject: Key new IPCC relevant paleo-science
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 15:03:17 -0400
Cc: Tim Osborn <>, Fortunat Joos <>, Jonathan Overpeck <>, David Rind <>, Stefan Rahmstorf <>, Bette Otto-Bleisner <>,, Ricardo Villalba <>,, Valerie Masson-Delmotte <>, Dominique Raynaud <>, Keith Briffa <>, Phil Jones <>,,,,,,, Heinz Wanner <>, Thorsten Kiefer <>, Eric W Wolff <>,,,,, Michael Schulz <>,, Bette Otto-Bliesner <>,,,,,, Laurent Labeyrie <>, Gavin Schmidt <>

Hi Eystein and Jonathan,

With respect to the question of a separate paleo-climate chapter: if paleoclimate is an
adjunct to all of the other chapters, what would happen - would there be a paleo-climate
person on each of those chapters, just for that component? If so, the person would not
carry much influence - and if chapters had to be trimmed (which we know always happens),
there's a chance that a lot of the paleoclimate aspect would be the first to go. I'm afraid
that little in-depth discussion would survive.

On the other hand: now that there's been a paleoclimate chapter, a lot of the
'introductory' material would not really be needed - just the 'updates', which make for
much fewer pages. Perhaps, then, paleoclimate observations could be part of the climate
observation chapter; and paleoclimate modeling, part of the modeling chapter. That way, at
least several people with paleoclimate heritage could be part of each of these chapters,
and allow for a proper representation of the state of our understanding in these areas. It
would also allow for better integration of paleoclimates with the current climate. As in
the case of present climate, care would have to be taken to ensure that the observations
and modeling chapters have strong linkages.

Concerning what new topic should be addressed: there should be a discussion about the use
of paleoclimates as analogs for the future. Some scientists (including at least one at
GISS) are certain of their utility in this regard. I think the topic should be addressed
from all sides.

And as for 'new' paleoclimate work: we have an article about to come out in GRL on
stratospheric ozone during the LGM; here's the link:







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