Thursday, December 29, 2011


From: Phil Jones <>
To: Gavin Schmidt <>, "Michael E. Mann" <>
Subject: FYI
Date: Thu Mar 19 10:52:54 2009

Gavin, Mike,
See the link below! Don't alert anyone up to this for a while. See if they figure it
out for themselves.
I've sent this to the Chief Exec of the RMS, who said he was considering
changing data policy with the RMS journals. He's away till next week. I just
wanted him to see what a load of plonkers he's dealing with! I'm hoping
someone will pick this up and put it somewhere more prominently.
The responses are even worse than you get on CA.
I've written up the London paper for the RMS journal Weather,
but having trouble with their new editor. He's coming up with the same
naive comments that these responders are. He can't understand
that London has a UHI of X, but that X has got no bigger since 1900.
I'm away all next week.
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