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From: Ben Santer <>
To: David Douglass <>
Subject: Response
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 13:30:21 -0700
Cc: "Peter W. Thorne" <>,, Leopold Haimberger <>, Karl Taylor <>, Tom Wigley <>, John Lanzante <>,, Melissa Free <>, peter gleckler <>, "'Philip D. Jones'" <>, Thomas R Karl <>, Steve Klein <>, carl mears <>, Doug Nychka <>, Gavin Schmidt <>, Steven Sherwood <>, Frank Wentz <>, Professor Glenn McGregor <>, "David C. Bader" <>

Prof. Douglass,

You have access to EXACTLY THE SAME radiosonde data that we used in our
recently-published paper in the International Journal of Climatology
(IJoC). You are perfectly within your rights to verify the calculations
we performed with those radiosonde data. You are welcome to do so.

We used the IUK radiosonde data (the data mentioned in your email) to
calculate zonal-mean temperature changes at different atmospheric
levels. You should have no problem in replicating our calculation of
zonal means. You can compare your results directly with those displayed
in Figure 6 of our paper. You do not need our "numerical quantities" in
order to determine whether we have correctly calculated zonal-mean
trends, and whether the IUK data show tropospheric amplification of
surface temperature changes.

Similarly, you should have no problem in replicating our calculation of
"synthetic" MSU temperatures from radiosonde data. Algorithms for
calculating synthetic MSU temperatures have been published by ourselves
and others in the peer-reviewed literature. You have already
demonstrated (in your own IJoC paper of 2007) that you are capable of
computing synthetic MSU temperatures from climate model output.
Furthermore, I note that in your 2007 IJoC paper, you have already
successfully replicated our "model average" synthetic MSU temperature
trends (which were published in the Karl et al., 2006 CCSP Report).

In summary, you have access to the same model and observational data
that we used in our 2008 IJoC paper. You have all the information that
you require in order to determine whether the conclusions reached in our
IJoC paper are sound or unsound.

You are quick to threaten your intent to file formal complaints against
me "with the journal and other scientific bodies". If I were you, Dr.
Douglass, I would instead focus my energies on rectifying the serious
error in the "robust statistical test" that you applied to compare
modeled and observed temperature trends.

I am copying this email to all co-authors of the 2008 Santer et al. IJoC
paper, as well as to Professor Glenn McGregor at IJoC. They deserve to
be fully apprised of your threat to file formal complaints.

Please do not communicate with me in the future.

Ben Santer

David Douglass wrote:
> My request is not unreasonable. It is normal scientific discourse and
> should not be a personal matter.
> This is a scientific issue. You have published a paper with conclusions
> based upon certain specific numerical quantities. As another scientist,
> I challenge the value of those quantities. These values can not be
> authenticated by my calculating them because I have nothing to compare
> them to.
> If you will not give me the values of the IUK data in figure 6 then I
> will consider filing a formal complaint with the journal and other
> scientific bodies.
> David Douglass
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