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From: Phil Jones <>
Subject: Re: Status of IJoC manuscript
Date: Fri Sep 19 15:11:41 2008

Good news. Endnote types is a much better option
than in the text - not as good as footnotes.

Yes the paper you attached does look crap. I will read it though
even if the journal is even worse.
This paper has come out. The plot of London and Vienna temps,
although an aside, is something I need to follow up more.
London has a UHI, but it doesn't mean any more warming in
the 20th century!
Hope all is well with you.
PS Attached another paper - has some nice photos!
At 17:12 18/09/2008, you wrote:

Dear folks,
I just wanted to give you a brief update on the status of our IJoC manuscript.
I received the page proofs about three weeks ago. Unfortunately, IJoC did not allow us
to employ footnotes. You may recall that we made liberal use of footnotes in order to
present technical information that would have interfered with the "flow" of the main
text. The IJoC copy editors simply folded all footnotes into the main text. This was
done without any regard for context. It made the main text very difficult to read. After
lengthy negotiations with IJoC editors, we decided on a compromise solution. While IJoC
was unwilling to accept footnotes (for reasons that are still unclear to me), they did
agree to accept endnotes. The footnotes have now been transferred to an Appendix 2
entitled "Technical Notes". While this is not an optimal solution, it's a heck of a lot
better than IJoC's original "assimilate in main text" solution.
Now that the footnote issue has been resolved, I'm hoping that online publication of our
paper will happen within the next several weeks. I'll let you know as soon as I receive
a publication date from IJoC. LLNL (and probably NOAA, too) will be working on press
releases for the paper. I'll also be drafting a one-page, plain English "fact sheet",
which will address why we initiated this study, what we learned, why I'll never do this
again, etc. I'll circulate this fact sheet for your comments early next week.
With best regards,
(P.S.: David Douglass and John Christy continue to publish crappy papers. For their
latest science fiction, please see:
[1] )
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