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Subject: RE: EA 21389 - Probabilistic information to inform EA decision making on climate change impacts - PCC(08)01
Date: Mon Aug 18 12:54:55 2008

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Thanks for this.
In response:
1. I can't remember the thinking behind this - can you?
2. I don't think we'll be doing anything with UKCIP08 material, or briefing people;
initially at least it will be about user needs without people thinking about how they
might use UKCIP08, if that makes sense!
3. This is fine, although we may want some consistency between us e.g. Newcastle rates
have been revised and are substantially larger than yours.
4. We need a pen portrait for Tim.
5. Thanks - we'll use this in with the other text.
Best wishes,
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To: Darch, Geoff J; Jim Hall; C G Kilsby; Mark New;; Anthony
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Subject: Re: EA 21389 - Probabilistic information to inform EA decision making on
climate change impacts - PCC(08)01
Clare is off to Chelsea - back late tomorrow. We (Clare, Tim and me)
have had a brief meeting. Here are some thoughts and questions we had.
1. Were we going to do two sets of costings?
2. Those involved in UKCIP08 (both doing the work and involved in the SG) have
signed confidentiality texts with DEFRA. Not sure how these affect access to
the headline messages in the drafts we're going to be looking at over the next few
months. Also not sure how these will affect the UKCIP workshops that are coming
up before the launch.
3. We then thought about costs for the CRU work. We decided on 25K for all
CRU work. At �500 per day this comes to 50 days. We then split this into
the tasks: 5 - 5 days, 6 - 5 days, 7 - 30 days, 10/11 - 5 days, which leaves 5
more days for meetings. Assumed the 25K was without travel to the meetings.
4. On CVs and pen portraits. Clare will send one before she leaves. Are what you
have for Tim and me OK?
5. Some thoughts on Tasks 6 and 7
Task 6 - assumed this was mostly Newcastle.
Tim's work on rainfall extremes could be
fed in, and we can do something on non-rainfall variables. Assume also you expect us
do waves, but not sure what we can do. It seems as though sea level has become waves?
Task 7 - assumed here Newcastle (Chris/Hayley) would be doing something on
blocking (large-scale variability). Oxford would do the final bit on conceptual
of emissions and climate system and sensitivities, so based on GCMs.
This leaves CRU for the other three, which we base mainly on the 11 RCM runs,
which we can access through LINK. We could also use ENSEMBLES runs for the others,
but these would be RCMs. They seem more relevant for the sorts of scales UKCOP08
is working at.
All just a few thoughts at this time.
Can you send the UKWIR bid that went off, so we have a copy?
At 09:06 16/05/2008, Darch, Geoff J wrote:
>Dear all,
>Please find attached the final tender pack for the Environment Agency
>bid. The tasks have been re-jigged, with the main change being a
>broadening of flood risk management to flood and coastal erosion risk
>management (FCERM). This means a wider audience to include all
>operating authorities, and the best practice guidance required (new
>11) is now substantial element, to include evaluation of FCERM climate
>change adaptation, case studies and provision of evidence to help
>upgrade the FCDPAG3 Supplementary Note.
>We have just one week to finish this tender, as it must be posted on
>Friday 23rd. We are putting together the bid document, which we'll
>circulate on Monday 19th, but in the meantime, and by the end of
>Tuesday 20th, I need everyone to send information (as indicated in
>brackets) to support the following structure:
>+ Understanding of the tender
>+ Methodology and programme (methodology for tasks / sub-tasks - see
>below - and timing)
>+ Project team, including individual and corporate experience (who you
>are putting forward, pen portraits, corporate case studies)
>+ Financial and commercial (day rates and number of days; please also
>highlight potential issues with the T&Cs e.g. IPR)
>+ Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental Management Appendices
>+ (full CVs, limited to 6 pages)
>Please send to me and Rob McSweeney. The information I have already
>e.g. on day rates, core pen portraits etc will go straight into the
>version we're working on, so no need to re-send.
>In terms of tasks (new nos.), the following organisation is suggested
>based on what has been noted to date:
>Task 1 (Inception meeting and reporting) Atkins, supported by lead
>representatives of partners Task 2 (Project board meetings) Atkins,
>supported by lead representatives of partners Task 3 (Analysis of user
>needs) Atkins with Tyn@UEA and OUCE, plus Futerra depending on style
>Task 4 (Phase 2 programme) Atkins, supported by all Task 5 (Interpret
>messages from UKCIP08 projections) CRU, OUCE and Newcastle, with Atkins
>advice on sectors Task 6 (Development of business specific projections)
>Newcastle and CRU, with Atkins advice on policy and ops Task 7 (Putting
>UKCIP08 in context) CRU, Newcastle and OUCE Task 8 (User guidance)
>Atkins, Tyn@UEA, Futerra Task 9 (Pilot studies) Atkins, Newcastle,
>OUCE, Tyn@UEA Task 10 (Phase 3 programme) Atkins, supported by all Task
>11 (Best Practice Guidance for FCERM) Newcastle and Atkins, with CRU
>Task 12 (Awareness raising events) Atkins, key experts, Futerra
>(perhaps as an option as EA are quite specific here) Task 13 (Training
>events) Atkins and Futerra
>Note that Futerra is a communications consultancy, specialising in
>sustainability, who will input on workshops and on the guidance
>I'll be in touch again early next week.
>Best wishes,
>Geoff Darch
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