Wednesday, December 28, 2011


From: Tim Osborn <>
Subject: Re: CA
Date: Mon Jun 23 09:54:03 2008

Hi Phil, Keith and "Confidential Agent Ammann",
At 17:00 21/06/2008, wrote:

This is a confidential email

So is this.

Have a look at Climate Audit. Holland has put all the
responses and letters up.
There are three threads - two beginning with Fortress and
a third later one.
Worth saving the comments on a Jim Edwards - can you do this Tim?

I've saved all three threads as they now stand. No time to read all the comments, but I
did note in "Fortress Met Office" that someone has provided a link to a website that helps
you to submit FOI requests to UK public institutions, and subsequently someone has made a
further FOI request to Met Office and someone else made one to DEFRA. If it turns into an
organised campaign designed more to inconvenience us than to obtain useful information,
then we may be able to decline all related requests without spending ages on considering
them. Worth looking out for evidence of such an organised campaign.

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