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From: Keith Briffa <>
To: Tim Osborn <>,,"Caspar Ammann" <>
Subject: Re: Fwd: IPCC FOIA Request
Date: Mon Jun 23 09:47:54 2008

I have been of the opinion right from the start of these FOI requests, that our private ,
inter-collegial discussion is just that - PRIVATE . Your communication with individual
colleagues was on the same basis as that for any other person and it discredits the IPCC
process not one iota not to reveal the details. On the contrary, submitting to these
"demands" undermines the wider scientific expectation of personal confidentiality . It is
for this reason , and not because we have or have not got anything to hide, that I believe
none of us should submit to these "requests". Best wishes
At 09:01 23/06/2008, Tim Osborn wrote:

Hi Caspar,
I've just had a quick look at CA. They seem to think that somehow it is an advantage to
send material outside the formal review process. But *anybody* could have emailed us
directly. It is in fact a disadvantage! If it is outside the formal process then we
could simply ignore it, whereas formal comments had to be formally considered. Strange
that they don't realise this and instead argue for some secret conspiracy that they are
excluded from!
I'm not even sure if you sent me or Keith anything, despite McIntyre's conviction! But
I'd ignore this guy's request anyway. If we aren't consistent in keeping our
discussions out of the public domain, then it might be argued that none of them can be
kept private. Apparently, consistency of our actions is important.
Best wishes
At 07:37 23/06/2008, wrote:

In Zurich at MeteoSwiss for a meeting this week.
It doesn't discredit IPCC!
> FYI, more later.
> Caspar
> Begin forwarded message:
>> From: Brian Lynch <>
>> Date: June 21, 2008 3:30:28 PM MDT
>> To:
>> Subject: IPCC FOIA Request
>> Reply-To:
>> Dear Sir,
>> I have read correspondence on web about your letter to the in
>> relation to expert comments on IPCC chapter 6 sent directly by you
>> to Keith Briffa, sent outside the formal review process.
>> The refusal to give these documents tends to discredit you and the
>> IPCC in the eyes of the public,
>> Could I suggest that you make your letter and documents pubic. I
>> would be very glad if you gave me a copy and oblige,
>> Yours faithfully,
>> Brian Lynch
>> Galway
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