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From: Michael Mann <>
To: Phil Jones <>
Subject: request for some additional info.
Date: Sun, 08 Jun 2008 07:32:00 -0400

Hi Phil,
I'm continuing to work on your nomination package (here in my hotel room in Trieste--the
weather isn't any good!). If its possible for a case to be too strong, we may have that
here! Lonnie is also confirmed as supporting letter writer, along w/ Kevin, Ben, Tom K, and
Jean J. (4 of the 5 are already AGU fellows, which I'm told is important! Surprisingly, Ben
is not yet, nor am I. But David Thompson is (quite young for one of these). I'm guessing
Mike Wallace and Susan Solomon might have had something to do w/ that ;)
Anyway, I wanted to check w/ you on two things:
1. One thing that people sometimes like to know is the maximum value of "N" where "N" is
the number of papers an individual authored/co-authored that have more than N citations.
N=40 (i.e., an individual has published at least 40 papers that have each been cited at
least 40 times) is supposedly an important threshold for admission in the U.S. National
Academy of Sciences. I'm guessing your N is significantly greater than that, and it would
be nice to cite that if possible. Would you mind figuring out that number and sending--I
think it would be useful is really sealing the case.
2. Would you mind considering a minor revision of your 2 page bibliography. In my
nomination letter, I'm trying to underscore the diverse areas where you've made major
contributions, and I think its well known and obvious to many that two of these are
instrumental data and paleoclimate reconstructions. But it occurs to me that it is equally
important to stress your work in detection of anthropogenic impacts on climate w/ both
models and observations. For example, your early Nature papers w/ Wigley. in '80 and '81
seem to be among the earliest efforts to try to do this (though I don't have copies of the
papers, so can't read them!), and that seems very much worth highlighting to me. My
suggestion is that you add a category on "Anthropogenic Climate Signal" detection and
include this work (say, 8 or so of the key papers in this area including the two early
Nature one's w/ Wigley) as well as some of your later work w/
Santer/Tett/Thorne/Hegerl/Barnett. I realize that most of your work in this area isn't as
primary author, but I do think it would be helpful to show this side of your research, and
I'd like to incorporate that into my nomination letter (i.e. how critical your efforts have
been to developments in areas such as D&A). You could still fit this onto 2 pages by
making the font smaller for the references (10pt rather than 11 pt) while keeping the
headings at 11 pt, and if necessary you could probably sacrifice a few of the surface
temperature record references to make space for the additional references.
Also, if you happen to have pdfs of the two early Wigley papers, or even just the text for
the abstracts, it would be great to have a little more detail about those papers so I can
appropriately work them into the narrative of my letter.
thanks for any help,
p.s. please tell Keith I was very sorry he was unable to make it here to Trieste, I was
really looking forward to seeing him (as were Ed and many others here). I hope all is well
w/ his daughter.
Michael E. Mann
Associate Professor
Director, Earth System Science Center (ESSC)

Department of Meteorology Phone: (814) 863-4075
503 Walker Building FAX: (814) 865-3663
The Pennsylvania State University email: [1]
University Park, PA 16802-5013




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