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From: C.Goodess@uea.ac.uk
To: P.Jones@uea.ac.uk
Subject: Re: EA bid - final draft - for review by 8am Tues 27th
Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 11:44:19 +0100 (BST)
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Hi Geoff

Like Phil, I've just given this a quick read through and there are only a
very few minor comments on the attached.

My main concern is the cost - which I have to say is much higher than I
was anticipating. But we are proposing a substantial amount of analysis
and work....

Thanks for all your work on this and good luck getting it off tomorrow.

Best wishes, Clare

> Geoff,
> After a relatively quick read through of the meat of the
> proposal, I'm sending it back with a few minor changes.
> You've done a good job of getting a lot of information
> across. I did spend a little more time on the CRU tasks,
> and there is enough detail there for review purposes.
> ON costs do whatever you want to CRU costs to ensure
> apparent consistency. I just hope this hasn't been pitched
> too high - but if they want the job doing well, they should be
> paying the right price.
> I can't think of any IPR aspects, in addition to that which Chris
> has alluded to. Chris and I will likely need to be be careful as
> to what is and what is not part of the UKCIP08 WG, but we
> can address that later. At some stage - way after launch, it is
> possible that the WG within UKCIP08 could be upgraded, a bit like
> we upgrade software, but nowhwere near as frequently as Bill Gates
> makes us do.
> Cheers
> Phil
>> Dear all,
>> Please find the draft final bid and costs attached. We are working on a
>> programme and a couple of summary tables.
>> Method
>> * Please read this through to check you are ok with what is being
>> offered
>> (we'll go through to improve style etc), particularly those tasks you
>> are
>> (co-)leading.
>> Costs
>> * Having initially put these in as desired, the project totalled
>> >>�350k,
>> so I have adjusted a few elements to get it to a perhaps more acceptable
>> �330k. Please check this meets your needs while at the same time please
>> ensure that we're not duplicating time effort on shared tasks. Note I
>> have applied the 10% discount for those days beyond 10 days of an
>> individual's time for Newcastle and Atkins in line with our cost models.
>> * I have guessed at rates for Anthony and Claire Walsh.
>> * Note that we may need to increase CRU and OUCE rates to improve
>> consistency (whilst maintaining overall costs).
>> Contract
>> * The only prior right I have identified is the batch running model that
>> Newcastle have developed. Is this one, and are there others?
>> Any comments (succinct and specific please!) must be back to me by 8am
>> on
>> Tuesday morning in order to make the print run and delivery by noon.
>> Thanks,
>> Geoff
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