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From: Phil Jones <p.jones@uea.ac.uk>
To: "Darch, Geoff J" <Geoff.Darch@atkinsglobal.com>, "Clare Goodess" <C.Goodess@uea.ac.uk>, "Anthony Footitt" <a.footitt@uea.ac.uk>, "Suraje Dessai" <s.dessai@uea.ac.uk>, "Mark New" <mark.new@ouce.ox.ac.uk>, "Jim Hall" <jim.hall@newcastle.ac.uk>, "C G Kilsby" <c.g.kilsby@newcastle.ac.uk>, <ana.lopez@ouce.ox.ac.uk>
Subject: Re: EA PQQ for review by 4pm
Date: Tue Apr 15 12:48:32 2008
Cc: "Arkell, Brian" <Brian.Arkell@atkinsglobal.com>, "Sene, Kevin" <Kevin.Sene@atkinsglobal.com>

Have had a look through. I hope all will read their own CVs and institution bits.
My caught one word in Suraje's paragraph. The word was 'severed'. It should be
'served' ! Also his promising suit of methods would read better as a 'suite'
Finally in Mark's he's a Principal Investigator.
At 09:38 15/04/2008, Darch, Geoff J wrote:

Dear all,
Thanks to everyone for sending text etc, in particular to Jim and Chris for the succinct
answer to ET1.
Please find attached (1) the full PQQ, minus Experience and Technical (ET) text, for
information; (2) the ET text, for review.
I'd be grateful for your review of the ET text. In particular (a) please comment on my
draft table in ET2 - I have done my best to capture my knowledge of CRU and Tyndall
skills with respect to the criteria, but you are clearly better placed than me! (b) do
you think the CVs cover the technical areas adequately? We may be a little weak on
conservation and ecology. We have a good CV we can add here, and I'm sure Tyndall has
too (e.g. Andrew) but that would mean taking another out.
We are exploring a link with the specialist communications consultancy Futerra, but
apart from a brief mention, we leaving anything else on this to the full bid stage.
I'd be grateful if you would let me have any comments by 4pm today. This will give me
time to finalise the document and email it first thing tomorrow.
Best wishes,
<<EA PQQ_ET_Draft.doc>> <<EA-PQQ_Atkins-CRU-Tyn_Draft.DOC>>
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