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From: Susan Solomon <>
To:, Kevin Trenberth <>
Subject: Re: urban stuff
Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2008 14:59:03 -0700
Cc: Phil Jones <>

Thanks for the Benestad reference, which I hadn't seen and will read
with interest.

Please keep me in the loop on your reprints.

I'm aware of the work with Dave Thompson, which is very interesting.

Happy new year to you too.

We can all look back on 2007 as a year in which we, the scientists,
did a fantastic job.

At 8:59 PM +0000 1/2/08, wrote:
> Kevin, Susan,
> Working on several things at the moment, so won't
> have much time for a few weeks. Rasmus Benestad of
> the Norwegian Met Service wrote a paper on a very similar
> earlier verion of this McKittrick/Michaels paper (both
> were in Climate Research). There is nothing new in this
> paper in JGR.
> The only thing new in both this JGR paper and the
> Douglass et al one in IJC is the awful reviewing!!!!
> Rebuttals help, but often the damage is done once the
> paper comes out. The MM paper is bad, but the reviewing
> is even worse. Why did MM refer to an erratum on their
> paper which is essentially the same? Any reviewer worth
> any salt should have spotted that and then they would have
> seen the Benestad comment, which MM surprisingly don't refer to.
> I'm hoping to submit a paper on urbanization soon -
> based on work with Chinese series - this relates to the
> fraud allegation against Wei-Chyung Wang that Kevin knows
> about.
> Also should be a press release tomorrow or Friday about
> the forecast for 2008 temperatures. La Nina looks like making
> it coolish - cooler just than all years since 2001 (including
> 2001) and 1998. Pointing out that 2001-2007 is 0.21 warmer
> than 1991-2000 which is exactly as it should be with ghg-related
> warming of 0.2 per decade.
> [Also working on something with Dave Thompson (Dave's laeding)
> that will have an ENSO-factored out (and COWL) global T series.]
> We're (with the Met Office) extending the press release
> due to the silly coverage in mid-December about global warming
> ending, as all years since 1998 are cooler than it. Mostly this
> was by people just parrotting the same message from the same
> people. It is a case of people who should know better (and check
> their sources) just copying from people who don't know any
> better.
> Oh - forgot - Happy New Year!
> Any pictures on the IPCC web site of Oslo on Dec 10 !
> Patchy is on the front cover of the last issue of the 2007 in Nature.
> Cheers
> Phil
> Susan
>> Not me. Phil has been involved in various stuff related to this but I
>> am not up to speed. I'll cc him.
>> I recall some exchanges a while ago now.
>> Kevin
>> Susan Solomon wrote:
>>> Kevin
>>> Happy new year to you. All's well here. Have you or other
>>> colleagues organized a rebuttal to the McKitrick and Michaels JGR 2007
>>> material on urbanization? It's getting exposure, along with the
>>> Douglass et al. paper. On the latter, you probably know Ben Santer is
>>> preparing one.
>>> best
>>> Susan
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