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From: "Burgess Jacquelin Prof \(ENV\)" <>
To: "Jones Philip Prof \(ENV\)" <>
Subject: RE: Possible problem looming
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 14:40:59 +0100

Thanks Phil,
I will keep your email and hope we don't have to mobilise. This is very
close to harassment, isn't it.

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From: Phil Jones []
Sent: 11 September 2007 14:06
To: Burgess Jacquelin Prof (ENV)
Cc: Mcgarvie Michael Mr (ACAD)
Subject: Possible problem looming

I've been in discussion with Michael over the past several months
about a
number of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests for CRU data. I've
responded to
one and will be responding to another in the next few days. Michael
suggested I bring you up to speed on the issue. To cut a very long
story short, I'm attaching 3 things that relate to what's happened
responding to the first request.

1. A paper from 1990 by me and others in Nature. The request was for
the station data from the rural station networks in the three
regions studied.

This led to a person in London (Douglas Keenan) putting some
material on his website
claiming fraud against one of the co-authors on the paper (Wei-Chyung
Wang of the State University of Albany, SUNY, in NY, USA). He then
put an allegation of fraud into SUNY against Wang. SUNY are dealing
with this - not quickly, but I have seen Wang's response.

2. Keenan then submitted a paper (attached) to the world's worst
Energy and Environment. According to Wang this is in breach of an
with SUNY not to do anything whilst the allegation is being dealt
According to Wang, SUNY have told Keenan this.

I was sent the paper to comment on the factual allegations in the
paper. After
discussing this with Wang (who informed SUNY) I sent 9 comments.

3. My comments - with Keenan's responses embedded within (this is
the new bit for you Michael).
I have subsequently told the E&E guest editor that Keenan's
response to my point
# 5 is wrong. I sent him Tao et al. (1991) so he can see
this. Keenan's response to my point 7
illustrates his arrogance.

I have loads more background to all this, and it has taken some time
over the
last few weeks and months in responding.

You are now partly up to speed on the issue. I'm away next week.
I don't know when E&E might publish, nor when the SUNY review
process (which is being dealt with by their Director of Research) will
conclude. Wang and I both know that the allegations are groundless,
but it is likely it will not look good when it first comes out. This
is just
another of the attempts by climate skeptics to get the public and the
media thinking that there is disagreement amongst scientists and that
we shouldn't be doing anything about global warming. I will be
this with some IPCC people when I meet them in early October.



Thanks for forwarding this. I am shocked about this - if a formal review
is underway at the University of Albany it is surely improper to publish
a paper in a journal about the matter!

I suggest that you alert Jacquie Burgess to this, as the new Head of

I would like to suggest that we ask Dave Palmer to comment on the events
on the FOIA request - I don't think I fully agree with the story
presented here. Do you agree?

I also think we should alert the Press Office in due course.



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