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From: "Thomas.R.Karl" <>
To: Phil Jones <>
Subject: Re: FW: retraction request
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 08:21:57 -0400
Cc: Wei-Chyung Wang <>

Thanks Phil,
We R now responding to a former TV weather forecaster who has got press, He has a web site
of 40 of the USHCN stations
showing less than ideal exposure. He claims he can show urban biases and exposure biases.
We are writing a response for our Public Affairs. Not sure how it will play out.
Regards, TOm
Phil Jones said the following on 6/19/2007 4:22 AM:

Wei-Chyung and Tom,
The Climate Audit web site has a new thread on the Jones et al. (1990)
paper, with lots of quotes from Keenan. So they may not be going to
submit something to Albany. Well may be?!?
Just agreed to review a paper by Ren et al. for JGR. This refers
to a paper on urbanization effects in China, which may be in press
in J. Climate. I say 'may be' as Ren isn't that clear about this in
the text, references and responses to earlier reviews. Have requested
JGR get a copy a copy of this in order to do the review.
In the meantime attaching this paper by Ren et al. on urbanization
at two sites in China.
Nothing much else to say except:
1. Think I've managed to persuade UEA to ignore all further FOIA
requests if the people have anything to do with Climate Audit.
2. Had an email from David Jones of BMRC, Melbourne. He said
they are ignoring anybody who has dealings with CA, as there are
threads on it about Australian sites.
3. CA is in dispute with IPCC (Susan Solomon and Martin Manning)
about the availability of the responses to reviewer's at the various
stages of the AR4 drafts. They are most interested here re Ch 6 on
At 16:48 12/06/2007, Wei-Chyung Wang wrote:

PS I am flying out to Norway this afternoon. Keep in touch.
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From: Wei-Chyung Wang [[1]]
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 11:46 AM
To: [2]
Cc: 'WCW'; '[3]Kld@Asrc.Cestm.Albany.Edu'
Subject: RE: retraction request
Date: June 12, 2007
To: D. J. Keenan
Cc: K. Demerjian, Director, ASRC/SUNY-Albany
Dr. Keenan,
The only valid scientific issue described in your June 11, 2007 e-mailed pdf
file (attached here as reference) concerning our 1990 GRL paper is the
"station histories", while others are strictly your own opinions and
therefore irrelevant to your inquiry. So let me elaborate further on this
Digitization of the hard copies of "station histories" was prepared in
1989-90 by Ms. Zhao-Mei Zeng (IAP/CAS) only for the 60-station network,
while the "station histories" of other stations, including those we used in
1990 urban warming study, were available in paper form, as I have already
indicated in my 4/30/07 e-mail to you. Therefore, the use of the word
"fabrication" in your document is totally absurd.
Concerning the current status of these hard copies of "station histories",
Ms. Zeng told me when I was in Beijing in April 2007, that she no longer has
the access to these information because it has been a long time (since 1990)
and also IAP has moved office. But if you are interested, you can make an
inquiry to the China Meteorological Administration using the web site:
I believe that I have made it very clear what we had done with regard to the
"station histories" in 1990 urban warming study. What and how you are going
to proceed from now on is entirely your decision.
Dr. Wei-Chyung Wang
Professor of Applied Sciences
Atmospheric Sciences Research Center
State University of New York
251 Fuller Road
Albany, New York 12203
Tel: 518-437-8708
Fax: 518-437-8713
E-mail: [5]
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From: D.J. Keenan [[6]]
Sent: Monday, June 11, 2007 8:43 AM
To: Wei-Chyung Wang
Subject: Re: retraction request
Dear Dr. Wang,
I had something urgent arise, and so had to leave this matter for a while.
Please find attached a rough draft report. If you believe the report to be
inaccurate or misrepresentative, kindly let me know.
I hope that you will reconsider. If you decide to publish retractions, I
will cease to bring this forward.
Douglas Keenan
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From: [7]<>
To: "'D.J. Keenan'" [8]<>
Cc: "'Phil Jones'" [9]<>; [10]<>;
"'Wei-Chyung Wang'" [11]<>; "'Zeng Zhaomei'"
Sent: Monday, 30 April, 2007 6:14
Subject: Re: retraction request
> Dr. Keenan,
> The discussion with Ms. Zeng last week in Beijing have re-affirmed
> that she used the hard copies of station histories to make sure that
> the selected stations for the study of urban warming in China have
> relatively few, if any, changes in instrumentation, location, or
> observation times over the study period (1954-1983).
> Regards,
> ---------------------4/22/2007 4:46 PM e-mail Wang to Keenan---------
> Dear Dr. Keenan,
> I was really surprised to see your e-mail (below) after I logged into
> SUNYA webmail in Nanjing/China, after several days of disconnection
> (from internet) while travelling in central China.
> I flew to China early morning on 4/14, the day after your call to my
> office when I was in a meeting. My understanding was that you are
> going to call me again, but you never did.
> In any case, becuase of 4/14 trip to China, I origionally plan to
> respond to your 4/11 e-mailed questions when I return to Albany the
> end of this month. To answer your questions more accurately, I need
> to look into the file (if I can find it since it has been a long
> time), and also contact the co-author, Ms. Zeng, who brought the data
> and visited SUNYA as a visiting scientist from the Institute of
> Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, during that time.
> Regards,
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> From: "D.J. Keenan" [13]<>
> Date: Friday, April 20, 2007 8:31 am
> Subject: retraction request
>> Dear Dr. Wang,
>> Regarding the Chinese meteorological data analyzed by Wang et al.
>> [GRL, 1990] and Jones et al. [Nature, 1990], it now seems clear that
>> there are severe problems. In particular, the data was obtained
>> from 84 meteorological stations that can be classified as follows.
>> 49 have no histories
>> 08 have inconsistent histories
>> 18 have substantial relocations
>> 02 have single-year relocations
>> 07 have no relocations
>> Furthermore, some of the relocations are very distant--over 20 km.
>> Others are to greatly different environments, as illustrated here:
>> [14]
>> The above contradicts the published claim to have considered the
>> histories of the stations, especially for the 49 stations that have
>> no histories. Yet the claim is crucial for the research conclusions.
>> I e-mailed you about this on April 11th. I also phoned you on April
>> 13th: you said that you were in a meeting and would get back to me.
>> I have received no response.
>> I ask you to retract your GRL paper, in full, and to retract the
>> claims made in Nature about the Chinese data. If you do not do so, I
>> intend to publicly submit an allegation of research misconduct to
>> your university at Albany.
>> Douglas J. Keenan
>> [15]
>> phone + 44 20 7537 4122
>> The Limehouse Cut, London E14 6N, UK

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