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From: Eystein Jansen <>
To: Ken Denman <>
Subject: Re: [Wg1-ar4-clas] draft to sign
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2007 01:05:19 +0100

Hi all,

it is in the middle of the night here, and I cannot provide much input to writing. Just
wished to say that I would be willing to sign on the draft as it is, but hope those writing
would consider the input from Susan and Kevin before submitting the final letter.


Den 8. mar. 2007 kl. 22.56 skrev Ken Denman:

Hi Piers et al,

I have taken the liberty to suggest a few changes (with change tracker turned on) - while
you Europeans (oops, and Brits) at least are sleeping. And Piers and Richard, thanks a lot
for getting this moving quickly.

Regards, Ken

ps. Piers - my salary is paid by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. They are VERY uneasy when I
speak or write letters to the press, but they get really upset when I don't credit them
appropriately. C'est la vie.

[1] wrote:

Hi all

This is the latest draft with Jerry's and Ken's edits. However, in addition I've

deleted the para on the Paris meeting - as it was essentially repeated within

the last paragraph, and slightly reordered the other paragraphs

Again please make further

edits. Also please could people approve the attachment of their name to such a

letter. Non highlighted names are people who appear to have already given

approval for their name to be used. If you are a yellow highlighted name I think

you are likely (or very likely) to sign!

If we could have a relaxed attitude and sign a letter that is still in the

process of being drafted it would save someone (me) a bunch of work at the end

collecting approvals




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