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To: "Eystein Jansen" <>
Subject: Re: AR4 Final Input Please check this mail
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2007 18:14:19 -0700 (MST)
Cc:, "Bette Otto-Bliesner" <>, "Fortunat Joos" <>, Val�rie Masson-Delmotte <>, "Keith Briffa" <>, "Tim Osborn" <>, "Jonathan Overpeck" <>, �yvind Paasche <>

Dear all,

Below are my comments addressing issues to Section 6.4 and associated
figures. It would be good if Fortunat can also check especially Box 6.2,
6.4 intro,, and written by Dominique and Fortunat.




* Figure 6.3, Valerie has checked comments.

* Figure 6.4 and 6.7, Fortunat(?) should check the figures, legends, and

* Figure 6.5, line 8: generally feedbacks in glacial-interglacial ...
line 19: Simon Laplace Climate System Model (IPSL-CM) ...
line 21: ECBilt-CLIO is not an acronym as far as I can tell.
* Figure 6.6, line 5: minimum ice thickness and extent ...
line 6: Delete "at approximately 130 to 125 ka".
line 9: ... and the ECHAM4 HOPE-G (ECHO-G) model ...

* Figure 6.8, Dick should check that the legend is revised correctly and
that color code in this figure is consist with text.


Text 6.4:

* Page 6-11, line 9: corresponding to other orbital periods ...

* Page 6-11, line 13: adopt Valerie's wording of last sentence.

* Page 6-11, line 37: the SOD has ~180 ppm and ~265 ppm. Is the change to
< intentional in response to a review comment?

* Page 6-11, line 38: adopt Valerie's wording of sentence.

* Page 6-11, line 49: OK to delete redundant sentence.

* Box 6.1: See Valerie comments.

* Box 6.2: Changes look OK. Fortunat should check.

* Page 6-15, lines 49-50: ... to the very different conditions at the LGM.

* Page 6-16, line 2: PMIP-2 simulations ...

* Page 6-16, line 31: Change does not make sense. The PMIP2 models do not
simulate changes of greenhouse gases or ice sheets. These are prescribed.
This sentence could be revised to read: The PMIP-2 AOGCM simulations using
glacial-interglacial ...

* Page 6-17, line 23: I am fine with Last Interglacial. Peck may also want
to comment. The SPM uses the last interglacial period.

* Page 6-17, line 41: ... warming over Eurasia and in the Baffin
Island/northern Greenland region ... I am OK with taking out "with sea
ice retreat" at the end of the sentence if that is awkward.

* Page 6-17, line 43: Kaspar and Cubasch, 2006.

* Page 6-18, line 1: Models and data now show ...

* Page 6-18, line 6: adopt Valerie's wording of sentence.

* Page 6-18, line 38: D-O is one of the abbreviations in the literature so
I am fine with this change. Need to be consistent and change Page 6-19,
line 49 to D-O.

* Page 6-18, line 43: adopt Valerie's wording of sentence.

* Page 6-21, line 12: Dick can advise if ICE-4G, ICE-5G, and VM2 are

* Page 6-21, line 20: Dick should be consulted to make sure sentence
meaning is OK with changes.

* Page 6-21, line 43: Dick can advise if J stands for Joseph.

* Page 6-21, line 51: Dick should be consulted on color code in Figure 6.8
and consistency with text.

* Page 6-22, line 2: Replace "longer" with "older". Valerie please comment
if this is a more correct wording. Note that neither Landais et al., 2003
or Suwa et al., 2006 are currently in the reference list. Eystein/Peck,
please advise if it is possible to add new references. Valerie, could we
use Landais et al, 2006, which is already in the reference list, here?

* Page 6-22, line 10: OK to spell out GIS

* Page 6-22, line 11: the growth ...

* Page 6-22, line 16: Peck, can you comment "if sea level rise during the
LIG" is an OK edit.

* Page 6-22, lines 25-29: Possible combination of last two sentences.
Peck, please check that this conveys your original meaning: Overpeck et
al. (2006) argued ... significant retreat of the Greenland Ice Sheet (and
perhaps also parts of the Antarctic Ice Sheet) can be expected to occur
under this future condition (see also Scherer et al. ...).



Kaspar and Cubasch: published in 2006. editor order should be Sirocko,
Claussen, Litt, and Sanchez-Goni. I couldn't find the location or page
numbers for this publication.


Otto-Bliesner: reversal of a and b OK

Peltier and Fairbanks, 2006: 25(23-24), 3322-3337.

Sarnthein: reversal of a and b OK

Taylor: OK


FAQ 6.1 and 6.2 need to be revised to refer to the correct sections of
Chapter 6. Most of the references are incorrect and look to be based on an
old outline of the chapter.


Need consistency with changes in chapter: Palaeocene, palaeosols(?)

Bette L. Otto-Bliesner
National Center for Atmospheric Research
1850 Table Mesa Drive
Boulder, Colorado 80305
Ph: 303-497-1723
Fax: 303-497-1348

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