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From: Val�rie Masson-Delmotte <>
Subject: Re: IPCC final text
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2007 16:46:12 +0100
Cc:, Eystein Jansen <>, Jonathan Overpeck <>, David Rind <>, Bette Otto-Bliesner <>, joos <>, Keith Briffa <>

now for the Figures (this file is crashing my Word software systematically!)

Figure 6.3
OK with suggestion

Someone has to check the many comments on Figure 6.7 and 6.15 (Fortunat?)

Figure 6.9 : I cannot generate S and N latitudes, can someone of you
edit the figure to generate positive latitudes?

Same for Figure Box 6.1, Figure 1 : they suggest to label the RH
vertical axes but they have the same unit as the LH vertical axis. How
should I proceed?

For Figure Box 6.3, 1 : should Olga reprocess it? (they ask for a change
in caption)

FAQ should refer to Figure 1, Faq 6.1


The definition of O-isotopes is partly false.
The isotopic composition of ice depends on temperature not because the
fractionation coefficients depend on temperature but due to the
progressive distillation of water masses en route for the poles. Even if
fractionation coefficients were to be independent of temperature would
one see a temperature / isotopic composition relationship.

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