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From: "thomas.c.peterson" <>
To: Phil Jones <>
Subject: [Fwd: Marooned?]
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 11:10:02 -0500

Hi, Phil,

I thought you might enjoy the forwarded picture and related
commentary below.

I read some of the USHCN/GISS/CRU brouhaha on web site you sent us.
It is both interesting and sad. It reminds me of a talk that Fred
Singer gave in which he impugned the climate record by saying he didn't
know how different parts were put together. During the question part,
Bob Livzey said, if you don't know how it is done you should read the
papers that describe it in detail. So many of the comments on that web
page could be completely addressed by pointing people to different
papers. Ah well, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it think.

Warm regards,

Nature 445, 567 (8 February 2007) | doi:10.1038/445567a


"The IPCC report has served a useful purpose in removing the last ground from
under the sceptics' feet, leaving them looking marooned and ridiculous."

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