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From: "Michael E. Mann" <>
To: Christoph Kull <>
Subject: Re: [Fwd: 2006ES001559 Decision Letter]
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2006 09:45:38 -0400
Cc: Thorsten Kiefer <>, Heinz Wanner <>, Phil Jones <>, Keith Briffa <>

thanks very much Christoph, that's perfect.
Christoph Kull wrote:

Hi Mike,
If the EOS-piece is not already submitted...
Below a paragraph we propose to use for the short description of the second

"Furthermore, the participants identified the need and a major opportunity
to improve the quality and value of climate reconstructions. Therefore, a
workshop is planned to assess uncertainties in proxies in a coherent way and
to develop strategies for future collection and integration of proxy data
from key regions. The workshop will focus on climate proxies that have
decadal or better temporal resolution and will involve the world data

Thanks a lot! Best wishes!


On 30.09.2006 19:56, "Michael E. Mann" [1]<> wrote:

Dear Keith/Phil/Thorsten/Christoph/Heinz,

Sorry this took Eos so long. No surprises here. A few minor revisions and it
should be ready for publication. Please see attached revised version and
response to reviewers. I've highlighted in yellow one place in the draft where
I could use some input from someone who is better qualified to elaborate on
the details of the 2nd project mentioned. Other than that, let me know if you
see any need for any additional changes.

Will resubmit once I've heard back from everyone.

best regards,


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