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From: "Saffron O'Neill" <>
To: <>
Subject: panel meeting and ice extent modelling
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 10:46:26 +0100

Hi Tim

I've found some 'communicating cc' ref's which I've attached - nothing too
hard going! Futerra's 'rules of the game' is a good intro to what climate
change communicators should be working towards in terms of best practice.
Sophie's poster is a summary of the main findings of her PhD research from a
couple of years back in ENV, and is a message that some NGOs in particular
would still do well to heed! Finally, the communicating CC document is an
outline of Defra's recent initiative, as followed on from Futerra's
consultancy work.

PhD stuff: at the last panel meeting, we agreed to meet again in early
October. However, I think this meeting would best be delayed until we know
exactly what info we can obtain for the expert elicitation as r.e. ice
extent maps, time series etc.

I forwarded on the email from Xiangdong Zhang a few days ago - he's happy to
give me some plots showing 2-D distribution of sea ice concentrations around
2050 and also animations from 1900-2100 under the A1B scenario.

How is the ice modelling going? Do you think you'd be able to get some plots
say by w/c 9th Oct so we could talk about them in the meeting?




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