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From: Keith Briffa <>
To: Hans von Storch <>
Subject: Re: open data access?
Date: Fri Aug 11 17:57:15 2006

just too bogged down with stuff to even read their crap - but I have no intention of
withholding anything. Will supply the stuff when I get five minutes!! no idea what the
so-called update stuff is about
At 11:19 05/08/2006, you wrote:

Dear Keith,
I read this comment on the prometheus-weblog of Roger Pielke jr:
"Ask Briffa for site identifications for Briffa et al 2001? While you're at it, ask him
for the measurement data for Taimyr, Tornetrask update and Yamal? Ask Briffa why he
didn't publish the updated Polar Urals results."
The background of this inquiry seems to be the replicability of your studies. I think
this is a reasonable request, but some people claim that you would "stonewall" any such
attempts. ("The issue of data access was discussed in the dendro conference in Beijing -
some people suggesting that withholding data was giving the trade a black eye. Industry
leaders, such as presumably Briffa, said that they were going to continue
stonewalling.") I can not believe this claim, and I would greatly appreciate if you
would help me to diffuse any such suspicions.
As you possibly have heard, I had a chance to hear a lot what is said on Capitol Hill
(see attachment) - and I am concerned if we do not apply a truly open data and
algorithm-policy, our credibility will be severly damaged, not only in the US but also
in Europe. "Open" means also to provide data to groups which are hostile to our work -
we have done so with our ECHO-G data, which resulted in two hostile comments in
"science", which were, however, useful as they helped to clarify some issues.
All the best,
Hans von Storch; skype: hvonstorch
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