Wednesday, December 21, 2011


From: Tim Osborn <>
To: Jonathan Overpeck <>, Eystein Jansen <>, Keith Briffa <>, �yvind Paasche <>
Subject: latest figures, captions and tables from Keith/Tim
Date: Mon Jul 31 14:31:24 2006

Dear all,

we have now updated the figure captions for our section and these are attached as a PDF together with the figures. Unfortunately I forgot to highlight the caption changes in blue... can you just completely replace the old captions with the new ones? We worked hard to make the captions as short as possible, while retaining their accuracy.

When updating the captions, we spotted minor inconsistencies in the labelling of figures 6.10 and 6.12 and so we have corrected these figures and new versions are incorporated in the attachment. The labelling change also affects table 6.1. I have attached the tables again too, with the new change highlighted in red (simply change 'CED2004' to 'ECS2002' in Table 6.1).

Hope this is all ok and now finalised.

If you want me to send the new figures as individual files (EPS format) then please say. Also if you want the new captions/figures as Word rather than PDF, please say (the Word file is large and very slow to open on my PC).


Tim & Keith

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