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From: Keith Briffa <>
To: Jonathan Overpeck <>,Eystein Jansen <>,
Subject: where I am up to now
Date: Fri Jul 21 18:23:42 2006
Cc: Fortunat Joos <>,

Need Fortunat to check the Gavin simplification (with David) and awaiting comments from
Henry - though I have had a go at the relevant ones. Still needs the paragraph on tree
rings and I have to incorporate Ricardo's bit. But this gives you a near overview of where
we are - the inputting of the very many comment responses nearly there.
Is any body out there - any chance of call her in next half hour - or at home later
44 1953 8510 - Peck?
Peck and Eystein
OK I am still struggling . I will not be able to get stuff to you til tuesday I reckon -
masses of typing and having to re-read and consult with others (Henry will get back to me
early next week) on the borehole stuff. Discussing stuff with Eugene Wahl (confidentially)
and still need to check corrections and balance text. Tim still working on Figures. We are
doing best to get stuff back asap - but if I have to incorporate Ricardo's stuff and put
into version by Fortunat , it is getting more complicated. Fortunat should do edits
relating to the rationalising of the forcing text (as per Gavin comment - or has he
already?) . Best if Oyvind puts the lot together then.

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Climatic Research Unit
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