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From: Martin Manning <mmanning@al.noaa.gov>
To: Jonathan Overpeck <jto@u.arizona.edu>, Caspar Ammann <ammann@ucar.edu>
Subject: Re: Wahl & Amman paper
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 10:18:44 -0600
Cc: "Bette Otto-Bleisner" <ottobli@ncar.ucar.edu>, "Eystein Jansen" <eystein.jansen@geo.uib.no>, "Wahl, Eugene R" <wahle@alfred.edu>, t.osborn@uea.ac.uk, Keith Briffa <k.briffa@uea.ac.uk>

Dear Peck et al
Thanks for clearing this up. The bottom line is that the version of this paper on the UCAR
site is fine. Unfortunately though, the one we have on the IPCC WG1 web site is not!
I am attaching a copy of that for clarity. The metadata in this PDF file indicate that it
was created by Oyvind Paasche from a Word document in early March when we were asking the
chapter teams to provide copies of the unpublished literature. It seems that Oyvind worked
from an earlier and significantly shorter version - less text, fewer tables and the
figures are different - as you can see in the attached. Although to repeat my earlier
statement the conclusions of this earlier draft do not appear to me to be substantially
Based on what we now know, the TSU should add the NCAR version of the paper to our review
web site and we will do that today.
At 07:58 AM 5/22/2006, Jonathan Overpeck wrote:

Thanks all who have commented. Below is the likely final word unless Martin needs more
clarification. Seem ok, Martin? Sorry for the confusion. Guess some reviewers are
running out of substantive issues, so that might be a sign that we're getting close to
the final draft...
Best, Peck
From Caspar:

Dear all, yes the UCAR version can be considered the "official" one. I changed the order
of pages because I needed to separate the "primary content" of the paper from its
"supplement"; thus I moved tables xS, figure 1S and its caption to the end. Everything
else is identical.

From Keith:
"the differences are as I understand , insubstantial and not pertinent to the
interpretation used in preparing the draft."
and Gene:

Wahl, Eugene R wrote:

Hello Peck, Martin, Bette, Eystein, Caspar:
I just double checked the UCAR website version with the pdf version I have, and they
are identical with the exception that the supplemental tables (Tables 1S and 2S), and
supplemental figure caption and figure (Figure 1S) are placed at the very end of the
document in the UCAR version. The content is identical in both versions.
The text (including tables and figure captions) of the UCAR pdf is also identical to
the WORD text that I sent to Peck, Keith Briffa, and Eyestein Jansen on February 24.
There was a version sent on February 21, which the February 24 version superceded.
There were 3 words changed on p. 17, and some changes made to Appendix 1 in the February
24 version. Perhaps this difference between the 2/21 and 2/24 versions is the cause of
the differences that Martin has seen. [Note: I would have sent the graphics separately
with these versions, and I did not keep copies of the sent files in my email account --
to deal with memory limits in the system here. Thus, I cannot confirm exactly which
graphic files are associated with the February 24 version. My apologies.]
In summary, the UCAR website pdf document should be considered the official one that is
"accepted/in press". Formal notification of acceptance from Stephen Schneider at
Climatic Change came on February 28. The article is still in this status.
Let me know if I can help clarify things futher. Please note that I will be in Boulder
starting May 27, to be a visiting scholar at NCAR for a month. I will be keeping up
with email from there.
Peace, Gene Dr. Eugene R. Wahl
Asst. Professor of Environmental Studies
Alfred University
1 Saxon Drive
Alfred, NY 14802 ________________________________
From: Jonathan Overpeck [[1] mailto:jto@u.arizona.edu]
Sent: Sat 5/20/2006 8:39 PM
To: Martin Manning
Cc: Bette Otto-Bleisner; Eystein Jansen; Caspar Ammann; Wahl, Eugene R
Subject: Re: Wahl & Amman paper
Hi Martin - We'll look into this asap. I'll cc to Caspar and Gene to see if they can
clarify the situation and make sure we have the correct version. I'll also cc Bette
since she may see Caspar around NCAR and make sure he know's we are trying to clarify
things with his paper.
More soon, thx, Peck
Dear Eystein and Jonathan
It has been pointed out to us by a reviewer that the version of the Wahl and
Amman paper (accepted by Climatic Change) on our review web site differs from the
version that is available publicly from the NCAR web site at:

.pdf> ]
Although the differences are not (in my view) substantial, the paper on the NCAR
web site is apparently dated Feb 24th (i.e. before the date of final submission of the
SOD), it has additional figures and data, and the running header says "Feb 24, .... in
Could you please clarify which of the two versions of this paper would reflect
most accurately the status of the paper as used by the Chapter 6 team when preparing the
SOD. That has been our basis for deciding on which version to include on our reviewer
web pages up until now, but we are now reconsidering whether to also include updated
versions of unpublished papers as well. If you have any thoughts on that please let me
Best regards
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4. http://www.geo.arizona.edu/
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