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From: <mann@meteo.psu.edu>
To: Tim Osborn <t.osborn@uea.ac.uk>, Keith Briffa <k.briffa@uea.ac.uk>, "Phil Jones" <p.jones@uea.ac.uk>, "Michael E. Mann" <mann@psu.edu>, Scott Rutherford <srutherford@rwu.edu>
Subject: Re: FW: Ruherford et al 2005
Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 8:10:00 -0600

hi tim. personally, I don't see why you should make any concessions for this moron. By the way, our supplementary site (now on scott's computer) doesn't block any ip#s. another lie.. Mike

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From: Tim Osborn <t.osborn@uea.ac.uk>
Subj: FW: Ruherford et al 2005
Date: Fri May 12, 2006 8:10 am
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To: Keith Briffa <k.briffa@uea.ac.uk>, "Phil Jones" <p.jones@uea.ac.uk>, "Michael E. Mann" <mann@psu.edu>, Scott Rutherford <srutherford@rwu.edu>

Thought you might be interested in the following. I *am* going to
provide the list of MXD sites requested, but honestly haven't had
time to put it together this his request. Clearly the 2-week delay
was too long for him! Still, at least I'm not (yet) described as
"juvenile"! :-)


>From: "Steve McIntyre" <stephen.mcintyre@utoronto.ca>
>To: "Andrew Weaver" <jclim@uvic.ca>
>Cc: "Tim Osborn" <t.osborn@uea.ac.uk>
>Subject: FW: Ruherford et al 2005
>Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 09:54:37 -0400
>Dear Andrew,
>Rutherford et al 2005 states that supplementary information is available at
>First, in passing, Scott Rutherford has blocked the IP address of the
>computer that I regularly use from access to that site (I had previously
>been blocked from Mann's FTP site.) While I have been able to have someone
>else send me the data, I'm sure that such petty behavior is inconsistent
>with Journal of Climate access policies and I request that you ask your
>authors to stop such juvenile behavior insofar as it affects the Journal of
>Second, the referenced website does NOT contain the MXD data, but only
>includes a link to "Ask Tim Osborn". As you can see from the attached
>correspondence, Osborn has undertaken to provide the requested information,
>but the article certainly implies - and I am sure that that this was your
>understanding as editor - that the data would be readily available. In this
>case, even a simple listing of the sites has not been provided after nearly
>2 weeks. (I might add that I initially requested a listing of the sites from
>a coauthor nearly 2 years ago.)
>In order to comply with the apparent undertakings of Rutherford et al, I
>think that you should arrange for a less ad hoc method of providing the
>supplementary information.
>Steve McIntyre
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>From: Tim Osborn [mailto:t.osborn@uea.ac.uk]
>Sent: April 26, 2006 10:09 AM
>To: Steve McIntyre
>Cc: Andrew Weaver; Keith Briffa
>Subject: Re: Ruherford et al 2005
>Dear Steve,
>I have just finished responding to Science about your latest request
>to them concerning our recent paper, so I can now turn to your
>request copied below.
>I can answer your first request immediately:
>The MXD data used in Rutherford et al. were *derived* from the
>Schweingruber network, but aren't actually the raw site-by-site data
>values. The reason why we didn't use the latter is that the
>site-by-site MXD chronologies have only been processed using a
>"traditional" approach to standardization that removes low-frequency
>climate variations. Our age-band decomposition approach (Briffa et
>al., 2001, JGR), which retains more low-frequency variability, had
>only been applied at the regional-average level. So we gridded the
>site-by-site chronologies onto a 5x5 grid and added to each grid box
>the "missing" regional-scale low-frequency information identified by
>comparing the age-band and traditionally-standardized results at a
>regional scale.
>I will respond with information and/or data to your requests (2)-(4) soon.
>At 19:37 18/04/2006, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> >Dear Tim, I presume that the sites used in the MXD network in
> >Rutherford et al., Journal of Climate 2005 came from the
> >SChweingruber network. Could you provide me with (1) confirmation as
> >to whether this is the case; (2) identification of the sites; (3)
> >the protocol for site selection from the larger Schweingruber
> >network; (4) a URL for any data or dataversions not available in the
> >Schweingruber network at WDCP. Regards, Steve McIntyre
>Dr Timothy J Osborn
>Climatic Research Unit
>School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia
>Norwich NR4 7TJ, UK
>e-mail: t.osborn@uea.ac.uk
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>web: http://www.cru.uea.ac.uk/~timo/
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Dr Timothy J Osborn
Climatic Research Unit
School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia
Norwich NR4 7TJ, UK

e-mail: t.osborn@uea.ac.uk
phone: +44 1603 592089
fax: +44 1603 507784
web: http://www.cru.uea.ac.uk/~timo/
sunclock: http://www.cru.uea.ac.uk/~timo/sunclock.htm

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