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From: Jonathan Overpeck <jto@u.arizona.edu>
To: <oyvind.paasche@bjerknes.uib.no>, Keith Briffa <k.briffa@uea.ac.uk>, Eystein Jansen <eystein.jansen@geo.uib.no>
Subject: last minute changes.
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006 08:43:34 -0700

Hi Keith - pls cc everything regarding change to
�yvind, as there is basically no time left for
changes now. thanks

� - can you remove ref to Wilson et al in 6.6 at
the end? Keith is going to tell us more about the
cited Tett et al submitted..

thanks, peck

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>Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2006 09:30:41 +0000
>To: Jonathan Overpeck <jto@u.arizona.edu>,
> Eystein Jansen <eystein.jansen@geo.uib.no>
>From: Keith Briffa <k.briffa@uea.ac.uk>
>Subject: Re: Fwd: gabi's 1500-year reconstruction
>Cc: "Susan Solomon" <Susan.Solomon@noaa.gov>
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>Let us stay with Gabi as it is in Figure etc.
>and as you say in the Nature paper anyway. We
>may have more problem with Tett et al. - need to
>check status , and Wilson et al is not as it
>turns out accepted yet - awaiting corrections.
>So this will definitely NOT make it and will
>have to come out - so wondered if Peck Julie
>could just look at the coral bits where this is
>cited and see if it can be removed easily. Will
>be in touch re Tett et al.
>At 06:51 03/03/2006, Jonathan Overpeck wrote:
>>Hi guys - great timing here for this message
>>from Francis, and I don't think we can (or
>>should) do anything. It seems Gabi's recon is
>>in press, and that's the way it is. I suspect
>>Gabi's J Clim paper will come out before the
>>TOD too, but since it's in press in Nature,
>>it's published.
>>I don't think the IPCC has to provide anything
>>beyond the report - in fact, I'm almost sure
>>Susan made this point to me/a bigger group
>>already. I'll cc this to her, just so she
>>know's what might be coming, but I think we're
>>fine. M&M can get Congress to ask the FBI to
>>secret Gabi away forever for doing her science
>>the accepted way. Seriously, it's up to her to
>>make things available as appropriate.
>>Of course, I could be too sleep-deprived too.
>>Am I correct in my assessment? I don't feel
>>like calling Gabi at 2am (her time) to discuss
>>making changes (e.g., to text, let along figs)
>>that it's too late to make anyhow. I'll respond
>>to Francis after I hear from you.
>>Anyhow, I'm just about to send the full SOD
>>text back to Norway for final minor editing. It
>>looks good.
>>Best, peck
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>>>Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2006 17:11:24 -0800
>>>From: Francis Zwiers <francis.zwiers@ec.gc.ca>
>>>To: Jonathan Overpeck <jto@u.arizona.edu>
>>>Cc: Gabi Hegerl <hegerl@duke.edu>
>>>Subject: gabi's 1500-year reconstruction
>>>Hi Peck,
>>>I just got a call from Gabi, who spent the day
>>>in Washington at that NAS panel on the hockey
>>>stick. She doesn't have access to e-mail
>>>today, and so asked me to convey a message.
>>>McIntyre and McKittrick were there, and seem
>>>to have left Gabi with the strong impression
>>>that they will be insisting on having access
>>>to supporting data, etc., used to build
>>>reconstructions. Gabi says that this is
>>>making her nervous, wants to make sure that
>>>you are aware of the status of her
>>>reconstruction, and wants to be sure that you
>>>are comfortable with continuing to use it in
>>>Ch 6. She says that if you feel it necessary
>>>to exclude her reconstruction from your SOD of
>>>Ch 6, you should do so. The reconstruction is
>>>used in her Nature paper on sensitivity, which
>>>has been accepted, but the Nature paper does
>>>not describe the reconstruction or the
>>>supporting data in any detail. There is a
>>>paper under review at J. Climate that does do
>>>that (which is cited in the Nature paper), but
>>>unfortunately, an editorial decision is still
>>>I hope that I've conveyed her message
>>>correctly. If you have a few minutes, it
>>>might be a good idea to give Gabi a call on
>>>her cell at bit later this evening (919 451
>>>Cheers, Francis
>>>PS - hope things are progressing with your
>>>chapter. Things are a bit hectic here!
>>>Francis Zwiers, Chief
>>>Canadian Ctr for Climate Modelling and Analysis
>>>Climate Research Division, Environment Canada
>>>c/o University of Victoria
>>>PO Box 1700, STN CSC
>>>Victoria, BC V8W 2Y2
>>>Phone: (250)363-8229
>>>Fax: (250)363-8247
>>>Web: <http://www.cccma.bc.ec.gc.ca>http://www.cccma.bc.ec.gc.ca
>>Jonathan T. Overpeck
>>Director, Institute for the Study of Planet Earth
>>Professor, Department of Geosciences
>>Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences
>>Mail and Fedex Address:
>>Institute for the Study of Planet Earth
>>715 N. Park Ave. 2nd Floor
>>University of Arizona
>>Tucson, AZ 85721
>>direct tel: +1 520 622-9065
>>fax: +1 520 792-8795
>Professor Keith Briffa,
>Climatic Research Unit
>University of East Anglia
>Norwich, NR4 7TJ, U.K.
>Phone: +44-1603-593909
>Fax: +44-1603-507784

Jonathan T. Overpeck
Director, Institute for the Study of Planet Earth
Professor, Department of Geosciences
Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Mail and Fedex Address:

Institute for the Study of Planet Earth
715 N. Park Ave. 2nd Floor
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721
direct tel: +1 520 622-9065
fax: +1 520 792-8795

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