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From: Susan Solomon <ssolomon@al.noaa.gov>
To: <wg1-ar4-las@joss.ucar.edu>, wg1-ar4-las@joss.ucar.edu, <wg1-ar4-re@joss.ucar.edu>, wg1-ar4-re@joss.ucar.edu
Subject: [Wg1-ar4-las] Inappropriate Press Reports
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 10:17:35 -0700
Cc: renate christ <RChrist@wmo.int>, bubu jallow2 <dwr@gamtel.gm>, bubu jallow1 <bubujallow@hotmail.com>, Jian Liu <Jianliu@wmo.int>, jouzel <jouzel@dsm-mail.saclay.cea.fr>, IPCC Chair <chairipcc@teri.res.in>

Dear Colleagues,
It has come to our attention that certain preliminary results of the WG1 draft report may
have been provided inappropriately to the press, particularly the Guardian and the BBC.
Due to the nature of some of the specific material now appearing in the press (i.e.,
specific numbers discussed in our last LA meeting but not yet presented to others; see
and the nature in which it is being cited (i.e., a 'source' as indicated in
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/4761804.stm), there may be a connection to someone
inside our team, and this is both extremely disappointing and concerning to us.

As you will all be well aware, all of our findings are currently under development and
cannot be quoted or cited until the report is officially finalized at the end of January,
2007. Please do not give anyone the impression that you can currently represent
information on behalf of the IPCC, or provide information about the draft material in the
report. To do so would be not only a great discourtesy to your colleagues but may allow
others to question the credibility of the IPCC process.

We have previously circulated the attached LAGuide.pdf and are recirculating that here. We
would like to emphasize here that this applies to everyone involved in the report,
including review editors as well as authors, co-chairs, and bureau members. Please let us
know immediately at ipcc-wg1@al.noaa.gov if you find any aspect of this document
unacceptable to you.

We cannot overstate the importance of our all paying scrupulous attention to ensuring that
IPCC draft results are not revealed in any way that could lead to their appearing in a
press venue prior to formal approval. Please redouble your efforts to avoid being
misquoted, or misidentified as representing the IPCC's draft fourth assessment report.
Best regards,

Susan Solomon, Martin Manning and Qin Dahe

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