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From: "Tim Osborn" <>
To: "Jonathan Overpeck" <>
Subject: Re: some figures at last!
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 22:16:10 -0000 (GMT)
Cc: "Tim Osborn" <>, "Eystein Jansen" <>,

Hi again Peck,

sorry, forgot about the raw volcanic series. Originally I had it as a
separate panel - yes! yet another panel! - but then I tried underlaying it
on the smoothed series in a pale grey. Please see attached files (pdf and
gif of the model/forcing figure). What do you think? Is it too
distracting to have these grey spikes? Also note that they are on the
same scale as the rest of the forcings and unfortunately some spikes are
truncated at the bottom of the forcings panel - especially 1259 event.
This particular series I've used is from Ammann and you can see the link
between the spikes and the smoothed green-colour volcanic curve.

Finally, note that this is just panels A-D. If you like this version,
then you can insert it into the Word file I sent before, in place of
panels A-D (use the gif file for this purpose). You'll see that panel E
is a separate piece of figure, and can stay unchanged in the Word file.
Hope you follow this bit.

PS. Keith hasn't seen this version - not sure what his views are on the
distraction of the grey spikes!

Must go now,


On Fri, February 10, 2006 7:40 pm, Jonathan Overpeck wrote:
> Hi Tim - see prev email regarding this fig. I do
> like it, and I'll get feedback fast from
> Susan/Martin.
> What happened to the more raw volcanic series?
> Susan really wants this, but I'm not sure how to
> best provide. Could we include at the top of the
> forcing fig - underneath the smoothed volc
> forcing curves?
> If Keith is doing all the text revision, I guess
> the next fig job would be to try to create the
> new hybid MWP fig - the old FOD concept merged
> with (new panel or just right below?) the curve
> from your just-out Science paper (which is great,
> by the way).
> Thanks again for getting these by today - it's a huge help.
> best, peck
>>Dear Peck and Eystein,
>>proxy location maps are half done! I've
>>attached what I have. Do not use this for real
>>because they are not correct!!!
>>I've done them for 1000, 1500 and 1750. They include:
>>boreholes (circles) and this is correct for all 3 times.
>>schweingruber tree-ring density/width network as used by briffa and this
>>is correct for all 3 times (triangles)
>>esper tree-ring data is also correct for all 3 times (also triangles)
>>squares are a few selected records from Mann et
>>al. (1998) and although they are in the correct
>>locations, they are a strange subset and they
>>also currently appear in all three panels EVEN
>>fix this soon but not yet.
>>I can add extra locations from Mann et al., Mann
>>and Jones, Crowley etc. It's a little time
>>consuming but not too bad.
>>I can also change symbols and colour etc. pretty easily.
>>What is harder to do is to change the years for
>>which we want the subsets. So I really need to
>>be told what years to do - here I've done 1000,
>>1500 and 1750. We need to pin down exactly what
>>you want before I do more on this. And please
>>don't tell me to try loads of different ones and
>>show them all to you before deciding - that
>>won't help me! I wasn't sure if you wanted the
>>whole globe or just NH, but thought whole globe
>>looked good. Also did you want pre-1000, e.g.
>>AD 500 coverage?
>>Hope this is ok as a "placeholder"
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