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From: Jonathan Overpeck <>
To: Eystein Jansen <>
Subject: Re: Fwd: Re: Data for IPCC
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 19:11:56 -0700
Cc: Keith Briffa <>,

Hi Eystein, Keith and Tim - this seems odd to me,
given that the N hem data must completely
dominate his global recon. BUT, since the data
and recon are his, and our job is to assess what
is published, we don't have much choice. We have
three options (or more if you can think of them):

option 1) forget about his recon. Although I
sense that there might be some interest in this,
we must include his study/data/fig

option 2) we could make a separate fig to
highlight just his global recon, perhaps compared
to the global borehole recon. We are dying for
space, so I suspect this option isn't ideal
either. Expert review of the SOD might suggest
it, but in the meantime, I suggest we try to get
away with...

option 3) we include it in the big recon plot,
and just make it clear in the caption (and table
that goes with the caption if you're going with
the table idea) that the Oerleman's curve, though
labeled global in the original paper, appears to
be representative of (or weighted mostly by, or
?) glaciers in the Northern Hemisphere (per his
Fig 3a). I think we should leave it to Keith and
Tim to figure out the best language, but I think
this will work. Could be done as a footnote to
the table instead of the caption.

Make sense? thanks, Peck

>Hi, this is what I got from Oerlemans.
>If we go with his data it has to be the global curve it seems....
>>From: "J. Oerlemans" <>
>>Subject: Re: Data for IPCC
>>Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2006 22:31:19 +0100
>>To: Eystein Jansen <>
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>>Dear Eystein,
>>Just returned from abroad and have some time now to look at your request.
>>I don' t think it is a very good idea to
>>consider hemispheric temperatures from glacier
>>records separately. The error bars are just too
>>large. I am currently extending the dataset
>>substantially, but it will take some time
>>before hemispheric averages have a similar
>>error bar as the global mean right now (figure
>>3b in my paper).
>>So I propose you only present the estimated
>>global mean temperature, which I give below.
>>With best wishes,
>>On Feb 3, 2006, at 7:08 PM, Eystein Jansen wrote:
>>>Dear Hans,
>>>I am co-ordinating lead author for the IPCC
>>>AR4 Paleoclimate chapter. In our section on
>>>the last 2000 years we would like to include
>>>your T-reconstruction from glaciers that was
>>>published in Science. We would like to have
>>>the data separate for each hemisphere plus the
>>>global mean and include this into a figure
>>>showing a suite of T reconstructions. There is
>>>an urgency to this and we hope that you could
>>>send us the data very soon, in order for the
>>>data to bbe incorporated into the 2nd draft of
>>>the report.
>>>Best wishes
>>>Eystein Jansen
>>>Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research and
>>>Dep. of Earth Science, Univ. of Bergen
>>>All�gaten 55
>>>N-5007 Bergen
>>>Phone: +47-55-583491 - Home: +47-55-910661
>>>Fax: +47-55-584330
>Eystein Jansen
>Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research and
>Dep. of Earth Science, Univ. of Bergen
>All�gaten 55
>N-5007 Bergen
>Phone: +47-55-583491 - Home: +47-55-910661
>Fax: +47-55-584330
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