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From: Keith Briffa <>
To: Tim Osborn <>
Subject: Fwd: new climate model runs
Date: Tue Jan 3 09:35:18 2006

Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2006 21:28:08 -0700
To: joos <>,
From: Jonathan Overpeck <>
Subject: new climate model runs
Cc: Eystein Jansen <>,
Keith Briffa <>
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Happy New Year Stefan and Fortunat - just wanted to check in to see where things stand
with the EMIC runs you were going to do for the revised Fig 6.10 - that is, with the new
Lean solar forcing, and (where the published runs don't already exist) with the old Lean
forcing. Again, the purpose of all this is to assess what difference the new solar
forcing makes.
Eystein and I are hoping that you've figured out the best experimental framework - e.g.,
what other forcing series to use. It would be great if you used the same volcanic and
trace gas series, if that is possible. I'm cc'ing this to Keith in the hope that he can
help us make sure we're making the right decisions.
Also, since Keith is going to be making the new figure comparing the range of obs
climate over the last 1000 years to the range of simulated climate over the last 1000
years (i.e., like the fig we showed in our second/Thursday plenary talk), it would be
worth thinking if there is any way to scale the solar forcing over the entire last 1000
years to Judith's new reduced-amplitude solar forcing. I'm not sure this is
straightforward or not, but if it was possible, we'd have your new runs for inclusion in
the new obs vs. simulated climate fig too - this would be helpful.
In any case, the purpose of this email is just to see where we stand, and help keep
things moving.
Thanks, Peck
Jonathan T. Overpeck
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Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences
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