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From: Phil Jones <>
To:,Christoph Kull <>
Subject: Re: PAGES/CLIVAR workshop
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 14:28:41 +0100
Cc: Keith Briffa <>,"Michael E. Mann" <>, Heinz Wanner <>, Thorsten Kiefer <>


It also looks OK to me. The bit highlighted in blue, should probably say
something like ...identify the key issues.

I agree with Mike that the last two names on the list should be removed.

I have sent an email about the 4th meeting of IPCC, which I
think is June 26-30, 2006. Just checking it is still that week, so
there won't be a clash.


At 13:40 25/08/2005, Michael E. Mann wrote:
>Dear Christoph,
>Looks pretty good to me. Only one issue. In our discussion of possible
>participants in Bern, I think (someone correct me if I'm wrong) we
>concluded that the last two on the list (w/ question marks) would be
>unwise choices because they are likely to cause conflict than to
>contribute to concensus and progress. A preferred alternative who was
>mentioned was Simon Tett (though, it was pointed out, he may not be able
>to participate for other reasons). We also noted that both Keith B. and
>Tim. O are in the same European project as the two individuals in
>question, and could adequately (better, in my opinion) represent any
>contributions to the discussion from that project.
>Christoph Kull wrote:
>>Dear Phil, Keith, Mike and Heinz,
>>After dealing with the PAGES OSM the past weeks I made an attempt to
>>finalize our "Past Millennia Workshop Concept" in order to contact CLIVAR as
>>soon as possible for requesting support.
>>I incorporated your comments and suggestions in a balanced way and hope that
>>finally all of you may agree to the presented attached draft.
>>Please get back to me with final remarks by Monday next week. I will
>>afterwards contact the CLIVAR office.
>>All the best, thanks a lot for your cooperation and help!
>>Looking forward setting up a hopefully successful project.
>Michael E. Mann
>Associate Professor
>Director, Earth System Science Center (ESSC)
>Department of Meteorology Phone: (814) 863-4075
>503 Walker Building FAX: (814) 865-3663
>The Pennsylvania State University email:
>University Park, PA 16802-5013

Prof. Phil Jones
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