Sunday, December 18, 2011


From: Phil Jones <>
To: Ben Santer <>,
Subject: Last week's events
Date: Mon Aug 22 16:22:28 2005

Ben and Tom,

Congratulations on the paper coming out on Aug 12.
I did talk to Nature about the three papers.

Last week seems to have been a good one to have had off.
I did this because of the IPCC submission deadline of Aug 12.
As you said Tom, there were some stupid messages going
around. If only these people would try and write peer-review
papers, provided they get proper reviews. The one from
Sonia should be kept as it proves that E&E is not a
proper journal.
I almost missed the one with Pielke's resignation in. Is this
going to make your CCSP task easier or harder? Presumably
now you'll get all his comments to officially deal with. Maybe
you'll be able to ignore them?

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