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From: Tim Osborn <>
To: Jason E Smerdon <>
Subject: Re: SH figure for IPCC AR4
Date: Tue Aug 9 14:14:43 2005
Cc: Henry Pollack <>, Keith Briffa <>, Eystein Jansen <>, Jonathan Overpeck <>

Thanks for the comments Jason/Henry. Just wanted to let you know that I've dropped the
uncertainty ranges to be consistent with the other records and also cut the borehole series
at the median sampling dates.
At 16:45 04/08/2005, Jason E Smerdon wrote:

Hi Tim,
Henry and I apologize for not being available the last few days. Henry has been out of
town and I have been in the midst of moving to New York. Nevertheless, we had the chance
to cross paths today and discuss the figure and caption. We hope it is not too late to
add our two cents.
We agree that the uncertainties on the borehole curves should be removed to make the
display more consistent. We have also decided that it would be best to truncate the
borehole curves at their median logging dates. For Australia and Africa those years are
1972 and 1986, respectively. If you wish to discuss the sampling densities, the total
number of boreholes in Australia and Africa are 57 and 92, respectively. The SH has a
total of 165 holes, compared to 695 in the NH.
Let us know if you need anything else. I hope this has not arrived too late and good
luck with everything.
Best Regards,

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