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From: Jonathan Overpeck <>
To:,, Bette Otto-Bleisner <>, Keith Briffa <>, joos <>,, Eystein Jansen <>,
Subject: IMPORTANT - The next steps for chapter 6 enroute to THE FOD
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 21:48:56 -0600

Hi all - in the last few emails, we have suggested that you serve as
"head" lead authors for the various sections of our chapter. One main
purpose of this email is to make sure you are comfortable with the
responsibility and have time for it. The other main goal is to
explain what is expected of each of you.

First, here's a list of who's heading what sections. We picked you
guys since you have proven to be intellectual leaders on the team,
but also because you have track records of getting the job done on
time. The one person we worry about is Olga, since she is leaving
soon for the field, but nonetheless, we'd like all her input on Box
6.3 before she leaves. We will take over after then.

Exec Summary and Section 6.1 - PECK and EYSTEIN
Section 6.2 - DAVID
Section 6.3 - STEFAN
Section 6.4 - BETTE
Section 6.5 - KEITH
Section 6.6 - FORTUNAT
Box 6.1 - DAVID
Box 6.2 - FORTUNAT
Box 6.3 - OLGA
Box 6.4 - KEITH

Second, what is needed? Here is a list that has come to mind. We'd
like you all to comment on this list (use the email list used for
this email), so that we all agree about what we're doing in the next
couple weeks.

1) Your primary job is to make sure your section (text, tables, figs
and refs) is as perfect as possible. Each of us has to be careful
about how we schedule things so that we have the job DONE by July 24.

2) Each of you should solicit feedback and edits from the ENTIRE LA
team, plus relevant CAs. This is obviously to get the best ideas
possible, but also to ensure that all on the LA team have had input.
Please create a check list and make sure that you have some sort of
feedback (at least an "OK") from each LA. We suggest you start asap,
and don't expect LAs to just respond to the emails we just sent -
many of the LAs just don't respond in a timely fashion (thankfully,
you guys are not on that list!).

2.5) Monitor all chapter listserv traffic for your input, as some LAs
prefer to communicate only in that way.

3) Please explicitly ask for feedback on the text, tables, figs and refs.

4) With respect to text, try hard to get it down to size (see below),
and to ensure that it is FOCUSED on only that science which is policy
relevant. ALL TEXT should support an Exec Summary Bullet. If it
doesn't the text should be removed, or a bullet created for
discussion with our team. Also, although it is ultimately our job to
try to make the chapter flow as one document, please do what you can
to make your section's text flow with the other sections. Look to
make sure all information is compatible across sections, and that the
same type of language/style is used (to the extent you can.

4.4) We hope that you will start your process by reading THE ENTIRE
CHAPTER carefully, and sending your comments for each section to the
"head" LA for that section. This will get things moving fast, and
help with the compatibility issues mentioned in #4 above.

5) With respect to the figures (and table), make sure each one is as
compelling as possible. To save space (see below) you might decide a
figure has to go. You might decide a new figure has to be included
(only if there is space!). Work to get the figure redrafted where
needed to be perfect - a sign of ultimate success will be that our
figs get into the TS/SPM docs. Peck will be on that team, and will

6) With respect to refs, please make sure that only the most relevant
ones are cited, and that all of the citations are complete and
entered into your copy of the master chapter endnote file. Although
we expect to cite our own work where it makes sense, please be double
sure that we're not going overboard in this regard - it won't look
good to the outside world (e.g., skeptics) if we appear self-serving
at all.

7) If you run into any debates that can't be easily solved (i.e. with
all LAs happy), please consult with us. It is our job to make the
ultimate calls, since someone has to do it. Again, it is our goal to
make sure that no one is left with a bad feeling about our product.
On the other hand, we have to make sure we stick to only the best

8) We'll be asking to make sure we have all the CAs listed. Let us
know if you need to consult with any new ones. AGain, we must do what
it takes to get the science and message as perfect as possible. CA
consultation at this point is encouraged where it will help. For
example, we need to get out the Pre-Q box to some Pre-Q experts - we
are discussing w/ David.

9) At any point you need input, ask. We are happy to talk on the
phone, and can call you or a group if you want a conference call. We
are doing this already, and it can save lots of time. Or email. Both
of us will be mostly around save a day or two.

10) Size and need to cut some sections. Because of recent changes in
the TSU, we haven't been able to get the latest word, but we suspect
that our comments in the FOD draft just sent are true - some sections
have a real space issue (factor in figures), others less so. We'll
provide more on this soon, and we expect that if you follow the above
guidelines, you'll be getting things into more focus, and hopefully
less space - especially section 6.3. When thinking about Figs, Tables
and Refs, also be thinking "How can I save space?"

11) Feel free to bring in other LAs to help you coordinate. For
example, for section 6.3, Bette and Dominique (to be back soon) can
be a big help, Stefan. Keith is working with Tim and Ricardo, but
also some others to do the job he has left. Etc.

12) We will start sending more info next week, and will help reach
consensus on what we're doing, and by when if needed. Let us know
what we've missed, and what might be wrong or unclear.

Ok, that's more than enough.

Thanks again for helping us lead the next big push!

Best, Peck and Eystein
Jonathan T. Overpeck
Director, Institute for the Study of Planet Earth
Professor, Department of Geosciences
Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences

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