Friday, December 16, 2011


From: Phil Jones <>
To: Kevin Trenberth <>
Subject: One small thing
Date: Mon Jul 11 13:36:14 2005


In the caption to Fig 3.6.2, can you change 1882-2004 to 1866-2004 and
add a reference to Konnen (with umlaut over the o) et al. (1998). Reference
is in the list. Dennis must have picked up the MSLP file from our web site,
that has the early pre-1882 data in. These are fine as from 1869 they are Darwin,
with the few missing months (and 1866-68) infilled by regression with Jakarta.
This regression is very good (r>0.8). Much better than the infilling of Tahiti, which
is said in the text to be less reliable before 1935, which I agree with.

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