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From: Keith Briffa <>
To: Eystein Jansen <>
Subject: Re: where I am !!!! !
Date: Wed Jan 12 14:01:35 2005

in theory - it is supposed to be finished. I would just remove the two sections I suggested
(or certainly move the regional simulation stuff into Ricardo's section. How does end note
cope with references that are not published?
At 13:26 12/01/2005, you wrote:

Hi Keith,
I am in transit back to Bergen where there is a strong storm at present, but just a
query to ask what you think a a realistic time fframe for your part. I will be reding
through it on the way. If you have problems getting the references in, this is
something we can help with, if you just write i text author name, year and paper, then
we download from the ISI base and enter into End Note here, just to help you
prioritising the text and figures.
Thanks for all your efforts. This is a critical part of the Chapter and the most complex
and it seems to progress well, despite the strains.

Basically , I need to send this to you to because there comes a point when I am just not
able to read it objectively.
I would really like you both - and David and Stefan (I am ccing to them only) to look
at it . Obviously it has grown too much, but the information in here is in my opinion
all important.
I suggest removing the regional simulations stuff from the end (as David said earlier!)
but feel this should be somewhere - also (sorry Eystein) perhaps the ocean section
should go? I have dropped the proposed Figure 2 _ after wasting a lot of time on it -
there are too many problems with getting and understanding data - and then making any
sensible conclusion on the basis of it. We really must have the two Figures left though
- or some variants (these need borehole curves including and some way of indicating
envelope of uncertainty around all reconstructions - perhaps as gray shading of
different darkness depending on how may confidence limits overlap).
I would really appreciate a dispassionate look by all of you at the conclusions drawn
after the the desciption of both Figures - in the light of the discussion we had about
interpreting these Figures. I am really happy if you and David and Stefan (and
Fortunat?) consider what is worth and not worth trying to say re the implications of
these Figures, beyond the TAR. I can not tell if what I am saying is balanced (I know
Esper reconstruction is very hairy and ECHO-G run has much too great long-term
variability - but no evidence PUBLISHED to support this - yet at least). Is what I say
about the implications of the reconstructions banal?
I have been battling with teaching today and fucked up course scheduling by the
administration that has outraged some students. Tomorrow I must take daughter back for
new term in Cambridge - and now must work on proposal for Russian who leaves Thursday
and needs to submit before then.
Do have a look and trim , cross reference as needed. The nightmare with these references
continues also and I will have to get someone to help out here - incidentally our
secretary has gone absent for a month . I will be back in hopefully by tomorrow
afternoon . The conclusions (bullets?) should be very brief - but can not see them yet -
suggestions welcome
I can try to do something for the methods but would rather you just told me exactly what
is needed. I will then work on this Thursday and likely happy to accept what you say re
this text. I know I have not contributed to the discussing on other sections - very
frustrating - but must wait til after ZOD . Sorry
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Climatic Research Unit
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