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From: Keith Briffa <k.briffa@uea.ac.uk>
To: Martin Todd <mtodd@geog.ucl.ac.uk>
Subject: Re: NERC application
Date: Tue Nov 30 16:34:00 2004

in response to Nadia's message and our talk - consider the following as regards title and
The precedence of Ecological Responses to 20th Century Climate changes in Arctic Lakes and
Suggested Objectives
We will quantify how the changes in 20th century Arctic climate (including mean and
variability) are reflected in recent and past lake sediment records. We will determine the
response of lake ecosystem parameters and the relationships with specific climatic
We will define the character of variability in different natural archives contained in
dated sediments reaching back over 2000 years. We will generate well-calibrated ,
high-resolution (decadal to centennial time scales) estimates of past summer climate
variability over this time in western Arctic Siberia.
We will compare the lake sediment data with evidence of tree-growth and associated summer
climate changes , based on selected updating of an extensive, existing network of
chronologies, including long sub-fossil series extending back more than 4000 years in Yamal
and Taimyr. These data (with perfect inter-annual dating accuracy) will be reprocessed to
provide summer temperatures specifically representative of annual, decadal and centennial
We will determine (for the first time) the extent to which the independent proxy-based
summer climate histories concur or disagree and explore the extent to which they
demonstrate the precedence of recent (20th century ) climate trends in a multi-millennial
context. By comparing this evidence with the output of state-of-the-art GCM experiments ,
simulating climate changes in the Arctic over the last 500 to 1000 years, we will explore
the degree to which recent changes in Arctic lakes (and tree-growth rates) are attributable
to anthropogenic as opposed to natural climate changes.
At 13:55 30/11/2004, you wrote:

Hi keith,
The submission deadline for the NERC grant with Viv Jones is imminent.
She's getting in a bit of a panic. I wonder whether you have some text
already prepared to describe the details of the ECHO-G experiments. I
could get the information but will have to dig in the lierature. I was
hpoing you would have a summary paragraph from the SO&P
documantaton similar to the one we have written about the HADCM3 exp
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