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From: "R K Pachauri" <>
Subject: TERI launches TerraGreen, an e-magazine on the environment
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 16:40:00 +0530

TERI is proud to announce the launch of TerraGreen (, an e-magazine that will bring you news about energy, environment and sustainable development from India, once every two weeks.

TerraGreen was formally launched on Wednesday, November 28, 2001 by Mr. C. M. Vasudev, Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs, Government of India in New Delhi.


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News to Save the Earth

Issue 1, 15-30 November, 2001

Letter from the editor

Here is the first issue of TerraGreen, an e-magazine that will bring to you the most significant shakeouts in India's energy, environment and sustainable development scenarios. For concerned individuals across the world looking for reliable news and information in these fields from India has often been an uphill task. TERI has worked for over quarter of a century to disseminate information from these very fields. Taking that mandate forward, TerraGreen will bring you analytical, unbiased and straightforward reportage. In the wilderness of the Internet you will soon learn to rely on TerraGreen for news, views and information. So, welcome to the wilderness. Enjoy.

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News of the fortnight

What's happening in our green horizons and elsewhere? TerraGreen's news updates bring you the latest in environment news.

This issue's headlines

Pepper and people power
Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala- The India Ecodevelopment Project brings a much-needed economic fillip to the lives of Mannan and Paliyan tribals through pepper cooperatives. Find out how it all happened at

Sunny through the clouds
New Delhi- Anybody for the sun? Soft loans for setting up solar water heaters in group housing societies from IREDA. Visit to also find out about sun-powered electricity in the high, cold reaches of the Himalayas, for villagers in Leh and Kargil.

Of Birds and War
Afghanistan- The terror of war and bombings in Afghanistan is spreading far. So hangs the fate of India's winged migratory friends -- the Siberian crane, shoveller ducks, the crested poacher and Arctic tern, to name a few. At read about these avian anxieties.


The Long Story

Let the Gentle Giants Be
Veraval, Gujarat- Fahmeeda Hanfee's first-hand report on the huge but vulnerable whale shark, and on a milestone that is something of a first in the official protection for marine life in India. Hanfee analyses the pros and cons at

The Water Harvest
Kalakhoont-Madhya Pradesh, Sangani-Gujarat- Arnab Ray Ghatak's inspiring report of villagers ( who looked beyond governmental apathy to drill water from parched lands on their own and are now reaping a golden harvest.


In Conversation

At a time when a lot of people across India are grappling with power shortages, Mr Suresh P. Prabhu, Union Minister for Power, talks to TerraGreen's executive editor in a one-on-one.



No one Need Go Hungry
Dr. L. C. Jain, Chairman, Industrial Development Services, economist and Gandhian, Dr L C Jain, unfolds a simple blueprint to change the bizarre food security situation India faces today - of rotting foodgrains and starvation deaths. Read more about Jain's views at He laments that if Gandhi were to be around today and learnt of this cruel irony, he would invite an assassin to end his life.



Get the latest on your green reads. This week: Subhadra Menon reviews Brenda Cranney's The Mountain Women of Himachal Pradesh. Plus more short reviews at


People in Action

Ever wondered how to reach people working at the grass-roots? To be able to make a difference? Let nothing stop you, contact them to work alongside, or just to help. Go to:


Forthcoming Events

Check out our green calendar for the fortnight.



At check out some interesting facts about the environment around us.



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