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From: Keith Briffa <>
Subject: Re: cool bristlecone, etc
Date: Fri Aug 25 15:19:20 2000

Hi again Malcolm
I am forwarding the data in another message (from Tim). I am sending the whole lot for
simplicity. Please don't pass on until we hear whether the paper is accepted or not.
Remember that , although they are strongly correlated with them, these data are not
identical in the high frequency domain to the equivalent data standardised using say a
Hugershoff function. The main purpose here was to extract long-timescale variations and I
still consider the inter annual to decadal variability to be better defined using the
'traditional' approach. For a first look anyway these are fine
best wishes
At 04:14 AM 8/24/00 -0700, you wrote:

Dear Keith,
It was good to talk with you this morning. This is a reminder about
sending your Western North America banded record as you
suggested. I suspect that you are right to think that it would eventually
be best to use a customized banded set, but as a start, I think it would
be good to compare the WNW record with the mean series Graybill
and Idso used in their 1993 paper, and with the single site Campito
Mountain record. I'll start with a simple graphical comparison and
then move to comparing waveforms extracted by, for example, SSA.
My hope is that we can fairly rapidly generate a note to something like
GRL or JoC's new short format, putting a believable version of these
records out there for general use.
Please reply to the address. I'm sending it
from my other address as well as a 'belt-and-braces' approach
because of recent e-mail problems. Looking forward to working on
this with you, Cheers, Malcolm
Malcolm Hughes
Professor of Dendrochronology
Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721
fax 520-621-8229

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