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Subject: Plan of action for Chapter 2
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 13:12:34 -0400

Below is the text and attached is a file in MSWord regarding a plan of
action for Chapter 2 leading up to the IPCC Meeting in Arusha, Tanzania.

June 21, 1999

Dear Lead Authors and Key Contributors,

This note is to outline a plan of action for Chapter 2 leading up to the
IPCC meeting in Arusha, Tanzania to take place 1-3 September. As you know,
we are now in the midst of a
�friendly review� from our colleagues of the
strawman draft of our chapter. We expect to receive comments from these
reviews through middle or even late July. These reviews will include some
from people other than our nominated reviewers, like Sir John Houghton,
from whom we have just had a brief review. Please check regularly with the
Tar02.meto.gov.uk email site to cover this aspect.

Accordingly we ask each of the individuals listed below to revise the draft
section as suggested below, and to indicate their response to reviewer�s
comments. The first person listed is to take the lead, and individuals
with an asterisk by his name are to prepare the material for presentation
in Arusha. We would ask that a provisionally revised part of your chapter
be completed by 20 August and emailed to Tom Karl or placed on the web-site
so that Sylvia Decotiis can create a new version of Chapter 2 for Tom to
bring to Tanzania. Tom will bring one paper copy of the provisional new
�Arusha� version of chapter 2 to Tanzania, and a complete series of
electronic files which can be input to PCs via 1.4MB floppy disks. It would
be a considerable advantage for attendees to bring portable PCs, though we
expect some IPCC PCs to be available at the Arusha International Conference

Chris Folland will be leaving for Tanzania early (24 Aug) whereas Tom Karl
will still be available until 29 Aug for urgent interactions. We will
decide later as to whom, and how many of us, should actually make
presentations, noting that Hans Oerlemans is not likely to be present. But
all attendees be prepared, and bring appropriate visual material and of
course, further suggestions. We have listed assignments next to each

Section 2 ----- Tom Karl* and Chris Folland* Executive Summary � total
revision and update
Section 2.1 ---- Chris Folland* Changes needed regarding uncertainty
Section 2.2.1 ---- Chris Folland* Okay for now
Section 2.2.2 ---- David Parker, Phil Jones, Tom Peterson, Chris Folland*
Length okay, but reduce number of figures.
Section 2.2.3 ---- John Christy* Check for accuracy
Section 2.2.4 ---- John Christy* Check for accuracy
Section 2.2.5 to 2.2.6 ---- Oelermans*, Nick Rayner, John Walsh, David
Robinson, Tom Karl and Chris Folland. Glacier section needs to be updated
Section 2.2.7 ---- Oelermans, Tom Karl* Check for accuracy
Sections 2.3 through Section 2.3.5---- Mike Mann*, Phil Jones Reduce in
size by about 10%
Section 2.4 through Section 2.4.5 ----Jean Jouzel* Reduce in size about 10%
Section 2.5 through 2.5.4 ---- Jim Salinger*, Pasha Groisman, Mike Hulme,
Wang. Provide a better context for why this section is important, more on
upper tropospheric water vapor if possible
Section 2.5.5 ---- Steve Warren, Dale Kaiser, Tom Karl* Add new analyses of
cloud amount
Section 2.5.6 ----Jim Salinger*
Section 2.6 through 2.6.6 ----Jim Salinger*, George Gruza, Alynn Clarke,
Wang. Reduce in size by at least 50%. Identify a rationale section at the
beginning. IPCC 1995 will help here. Some material may go elsewhere. May
need to consult Mike Mann or Jean Jouzel. Please send revised section to
Chris Folland to finally review (even if not complete) by 16 August. Chris
will feed back changes to Jim by 23 August. Jim Salinger should interact
with Chris during this work too. Jim should prepare presentational material
Section 2.7 through 2.7.4 ----David Easterling, Pasha Groisman, Tom Karl*
Review for accuracy
Povl Frich: please interact and be prepared to present extremes parts. Jim
Salinger: you may have more material on extremes in the South Pacific.
Please feed this to Tom Karl and Povl Frich.
Section 2.8 ---- Tom Karl, Chris Folland* Develop a summary, including
strawman cartoon

In addition we have about twice the number of figures that will be allowed
so everyone should identify figures that can be removed or combined to
reduce the size. The latter can sometimes be very effective. At the
present time we are about 1/3 over our word limit so everyone will have to
respond to the reviewers (often requesting more), and yet being more
judicious in the words we use. Please consult the 1995 IPCC Report as a

Please do not hesitate to comment on these plans, preferably as soon as
possible, so that holiday arrangements etc do not cause problems.

Cheers and thanks,

Chris and Tom

(See attached file: ARUSHA INSTR LEAD AUTHORS.doc)

National Climatic Data Center

Attachment Converted: "c:\eudora\attach\ARUSHA INSTR LEAD AUTHORS.doc"

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