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Subject: minutes of the SRES informal modelers' meeting
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 16:48:49 +0100

Dear Colleagues,

Please find attached the minutes of the SRES informal modelers' meeting,
7-8 February 1998 in Berkeley, California. I would like to thank those who
participated in the meeting and Lynn Price in particular, both for the
excellent organization of the meeting and for drafting the minutes. Please
note the deadlines detailed in our
work plan; for those of you completing the next two rounds on model runs
and storylines, this will be especially important. Additional submissions
to the SRES scenario database would be also greatly appreciated. Finally,
if anyone would like to receive a hard copy of the materials we discussed
in Berkeley, please contact Anne Johnson at (The same
material was sent to you by e-mail on January 30).

With best regards,


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Dear Mike,
What is the current state of play regarding definition of
improved sulphur emission scenarios? I have the 'zero-order
draft' by Arnulf Grubler that you sent me at the beginning of
November, as well as a shorter note by Hugh Pitcher. Have there
been more developments since then?
As you can probably guess, this enquiry results from Geoff
Jenkins's visit to Brussels (?) a few days ago. Geoff is now
keen that we should use better emission scenarios than IS92a
and is pressing me for action, even if this means using an
interim scenario that has not yet been agreed by IPCC.
Best regards,

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